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Furniture Fabric & Stain Protector in Seattle WA

Sofa Fabric Protector

By applying our product to carpets, sofas, chairs and mattresses, items are protected against household stains including organic matter, spilled juice or wine and more.

Fabric Protector

Hotels, restaurants and medical facilities love using Fiber Protector to protect staff and guests from the spread of harmful bacteria, mold and mildew as well as to reduce wear and tear.

Fabric Stain Protector

Our revolutionary formula is strong enough for use in commercial industries and safe for use in residential settings such as motorhomes and apartment buildings.

Why Our Product is the Best Fabric Protector on the market

Fiber Protector by Mafi’s revolutionary system was created using nanotechnology particles that are known to have the lowest friction of any known material. This formula encapsulates every fiber of the fabrics it’s applied to and creates an invisible shield. The formula protects each fiber against fluid and oil-based spills to repel stains, as well as dirt, debris and UV rays, which can cause unsightly fading. Using Fiber Protector improves the lifespan and preserves the appearance of carpets, furniture and other textiles.

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