About Us

Our Mission

To provide our Pacific Northwest design community with the most outstanding service and customer experience possible.

Family owned since 1994, Mafi International has been the leading source of designer area rugs in the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in our commitment to the quality of our product and dedication to the service we provide to our clients. Over the years, Mafi International has created a global family from the rug artisans in the near and far east to the foothills of Norway creating the Fiber Protector and the avid interior design community of the pacific northwest.

Our mission wouldn’t be meaningful without giving back to the very same communities that are the heart behind our products. In 2007 Mafi International formed the Impact A Life Foundation to help fulfill the basic needs of the underprivileged communities in Nepal, India and Africa by providing education, drinking water, Hygiene and medical care.

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About Fiber Protector

Since 1996, Fiber Protector has been protecting furniture, carpets and other fabrics and textiles from stains and dirt. It’s the preferred stain repellent of several public transportation offices, corporate offices, hotels, cruise lines, and custom fabric and carpet manufacturers throughout North America and around the world.

Its innovative formula successfully repels organic matter, dirt and debris from fabrics, carpets and other textiles to fights stains before they start. Fiber Protector by Mafi inhibits the growth of mold and mildew while preventing harmful bacteria and viruses from reproducing. Its UV properties protect against sun damage and fading. Fiber Protectors formula doesn’t affect the texture of fabrics.

Fiber Protector by Mafi is completely safe for use around children and pets and is known as the most environmentally safe and effective fabric protector in the world.

Fiber Protector is safe for Children, pets and the environment

Fiber Protector is an ecologically responsible product that’s received multiple accolades and certifications for being a sustainable, effective and environmentally safe and family safe a product that works well in the home, office and commercial settings

Some of our certifications include:


EnviroSeal® is an evaluation and certification program that recognizes environmentally-responsible products that are
designed for the maintenance and cleaning of fabrics, carpets and rugs. Mafi 360° is the first protection product to
receive EnviroSeal® certification.


WoolSafe certifies the best products in the industry and promotes best practices for the cleaning and maintenance of
carpets and rugs. The WoolSafe certification has been widely recognized for decades as the standard for carpet care


CleanSeal® tests and endorses maintenance products that are suitable for use on interior textiles, carpets or rugs that are
made from synthetic fibers.

Test Results & Documentation

Fluorocarbons Content Test

This test shows that Fiber ProTector does not contain any perfluorooctanic acid(PFOA) or any perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS

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Skin Patch Test

This test shows that no skin irritation was detected when testing 20 individuals. Cotton fabric samples were soaked with Fiber ProTector and dried. The dried samples were placed on the forearms of 20 test subjects. After 24 hours the patches were removed and the test subjects forearms were examined. There were no reactions to the patch samples.

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Bacteriostatic Reduction Test

A sample fabric was treated with Fiber ProTector and allowed to dry. Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae were put on treated and untreated samples of fabric and incubated for 18 hours. The untreated samples had a significant increase in bacterial growth. The treated samples had a 99.9% reduction rate.

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Air Permeability Test

This test shows that fabric treated with Fiber ProTector retains it’s breathability. The ability of air to pass through the fabric is not effected.

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Proflekk – MSDS:

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547 – Aerosol – MSDS

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