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Fiber Protector has provided upholstery and carpet protection to our resort Restaurants and VIP suites where we have had serious maintenance issues. Ever since we started using Fiber Protector, we have been 100% satisfied with the results of the treatment. It has been a great success and has minimized our regular cleaning routine. I recommend the use of Fiber Protector to any company to keep their carpet and upholstered furniture in perfect condition at all times.”

Client Hilton Hotels & Resorts Abu Dhabi (now a Radisson property)

Service Partnership

On board ships, cruise passengers expect carpets, curtains and similar materials to be spotless. The application of Fiber Protector treatments can help the cruise operator maintain high standards, enabling housekeeping staff on board to remove organic stains more quickly and easily. Consequently, areas that require cleaning are rarely out of commission for long during cruise operations.”

Client Royal Caribbean International

Service Commercial

SF Kino in Norway operates 6 movie theater centers and they are visited by 1,500,000 people yearly. A movie theater is highly disposed to wear and tear, dirt and dust and we have tried different types of treatment and contractors. After an extensive test held after our demands and expectations, SF Kino AS signed a long term maintenance contract with Fiber Protector and we are very satisfied with the service they are providing and the saving were are seeing.”

Client SF Kino Norway

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We decided to make Fiber Protector our standard fabric protection treatment, as it offers superior protection over the chemicals we used in the past without changing the appearance, texture or integrity of the quality materials we install in our Corporate Aircrafts”

Client Dassault Falcon Jet

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Being environmentally conscious is an initiative Holiday Inn Express pushes when considering any products and supplies. Anytime we can opt for something that is not a harmful chemical, it is always in our interest to investigate it. Especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, when the safety of our guests is of the highest priority.

The product did not leave any trace of residue after application, and we expect it will reduce both the manpower and labor costs associated with cleaning the common areas. We are very happy with our experience and consider Fiber Protector by Mafi a long-term investment for our carpeted areas.

Client Holiday Inn Express

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