While there’s a lot we don’t know about COVID-19, here’s one thing that matters most!

June 8, 2020

The reality is that there is so much more that we don’t know about this novel coronavirus than what we do know. We don’t know exactly all the ways it is transmitted; we don’t know what makes one person asymptomatic while a close family member becomes extremely ill. The CDC is confident that the virus lives a relatively long time on a variety of surfaces, and that keeping all surfaces – even those that appear to be unexposed – is critical in combating the virus.

The CDC recommends disinfecting with two-step approach. First, clean all surfaces with detergent or soap and hot water – this will kill any virus extant on the surface. Then, disinfect the area with a household bleach solution for hard surfaces, or a solution that is at least 70% alcohol and an EPA-registered household disinfectant for hard and soft surfaces.

CleanSAfe and WoolSafe logosFiber Protector by Mafi was created to protect fibers from soils and stains, but the carrying agent has a secret weapon. While the CDC guidelines suggest a solution of 70% alcohol that stays on the applied surface for three minutes, Mafi’s Fiber Protector solvent exceeds that recommendation with 91% alcohol and a four to eight minute dwell time on the surface. Fiber Protector is also an approved WoolSafe and CleanSeal product and will not change the appearance or the hand of the surfaces. This product is safe for fine silks, antique rugs, and fine leather furnishings.

Until there are proven therapies or a vaccine for COVID-19, being vigilant with disinfecting is our best line of defense in getting the wheels of the economy and society moving again. In addition to protecting your surfaces, Fiber Protector by Mafi is your best weapon for disinfecting on the front lines.

Fiber Protector by Mafi used to sterilize and protect a hotel room

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