Commercial Use

Fiber Protector by Mafi eliminates maintenance headaches and upgrades the appearance of your facility — all at an affordable cost!

From a small medical office to a large building with hundreds of workstations, a clean and healthy environment is crucial. To achieve your optimum appearance goals, you need a furniture protection and maintenance plan that’s customized to the use of your offices and the fabrics and carpeting you’ve purchased. It is especially important to choose a company that has expertise in both carpeting and furniture who will partner with you in the care of your facility.

Fiber Protector by Mafi provides commercial services for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and many other types of facilities. If you have made an investment in carpet, furniture, or drapery panels, you know that daily building maintenance service is not enough to assure that an interior remains impressive to visitors and healthy for employees.

Fiber Protector is strong enough for use in commercial industries and safe for use in residential settings such as motorhomes and apartment buildings. The revolutionary formula helps to keep patrons safe from the spread of bacteria and decreases costs drastically. This sustainable and environmentally-friendly formula is great for use in:

  • Office buildings
  • Living Spaces
  • Apartment buildings
  • Public transportation
  • Auto
  • Airports
  • Aviation
  • Yacht
  • Motorhome

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